arcserve-KB : Data Store failed to start with error " Restore only Degraded State"

Last Update: 2017-12-21 08:53:20 UTC

Error Message:

The data store status changes to “Restore only (Degraded State)”. The status of the data store will change to 'Restore only (degraded state)' but it will still be in a “running” state. 


This issue happens if the hash role has reached its maximum allocated memory.

The jobs will continue to run however any new unique data will not insert hashes into hash database, and the deduplication percentage may reduce or might not happen.

You should still be able to perform restores.


We happened to check status of Data Store under Recovery Point Servers and found it is not in active state.

The solution to this is to make sure that the data store gets enough memory to load the contents of the hash database. For this check the location of the hash destination on the file system and increase the “Hash Memory Allocation” to more than the current size of the “Hash Destination” 

Select Recovery Point Server and click on Modify .

Increase Hash Memory Allocation to more than the current size of the “Hash Destination” 

Now able to start Data Store successfully.

Note: To avoid this in the future, it is  recommended to use 'Estimate Memory and Storage Requirements' to know approximate memory needed to run Deduplication. This tool is used to calculate the Hash memory required for the amount of data being backed up. You would have to plan for the source data that might increase over the period of time. 
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    Rodolfo Wittmann

    Atualmente está configurado 23GB de RAM para HASH e o diretório do HASH tem 14,9GB de tamanho.
    Outra coisa. Essa noite o backup executou normalmente.

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    Christopher Nordin

    These screenshots seem out of date - on my v6.0.3792 update 3 does not have a slider to adjust the hash memory allocation.

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    Thanks for all your help, is there anyway we can stop the old datastore from auto starting on server start?