arcserve-KB : How to install the old (v5.0) Arcserve UDP Agent for windows

Last Update: 2017-08-28 13:53:25 UTC


This document describes the steps to install the Arcserve UDP Agent for Windows in version 5.0. 
This is an old version, for which the End of Service notice has been given.
Please see here for the latest version.





    An automatic download manager is no longer available, as it gets updated to use the latest version automatically.
    The following download link can be used:  

  1. Once the file downloaded unzip the same.




  1. There are 4 files available after it is unzipped.




  1. Double click on the file “arcserve_Unified_Data_Protection.exe “. The files are extracted to C:\Windows\Temp\_Sec0.xxxxx.tmp.





  1. The License Agreement dialog opens. Choose “I accept the terms of the license agreement“ option and click NEXT.




  1. Select arcserve Unified Data Protection - Agent from the available components to install.




  1. You can specify if you want to install the CA arcserve UDP Agent (Windows) change tracking driver and click Next.


By default, this option is selected.  Without this driver installed, CA arcserve UDP Agent (Windows) cannot perform a local backup


  1. Specify or browse to the location where you want to install CA arcserve UDP Agent (Windows) and click Next.


Default location: C:\Program Files\CA\arcserve Unified Data Protection\




  1. In the Configuration dialog, 


  1. specify the communication protocol ( HTTP or HTTPS)
  2. Specify the Agent port number. Default is 8014.
  3. Type the Windows Administrator Name and Password.
  4. Specify if you want to display the CA arcserve UDP Agent monitor for all users or only the current user




  1. The Firewall Exceptions dialog opens. This shows the list of  services and programs to be added as exceptions.




  1. Click Install to start the installation process. The progress shows as below:




  1. Installation Report summary dialog is displayed as below and product configuration is done automatically.




  1. You can select the “Check for an update immediately” checkbox, to check if there are any product updates since the last release. (For now, this can be unchecked). Then Click Finish.


  1. A Message informing you that a system restart is required is displayed.  


NB:  The installation is complete only when the reboot is finished as the driver is a Kernel Driver.


  1.  The following folders are created in the path  C:\Program Files\CA\arcserve Unified Data Protection



  1. Go to Start -> All Programs -> arcserve Unified Data Protection and click on “arcserve UDP Agent” to launch the UDP Agent console.




  1. To Verify the installation please do the following :


  1. Under service.msc you should be able see “arcserve UDP Agent Service”


  1. From the command line you may also run “sc query ARCFlashVolDrv”. This should shows the driver listed.


You may refer to Page 44 & 45 on the Agent guide.


  1. For further information you may refer to the Agent for Windows User Guide. Go to the link below:

From this link you can download the “Agent for Windows User Guide”


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