arcserve-KB : How to Manually Replicate Data to a Remote RPS Server using RPS jumpstart

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When you have a huge amount of data and you want to replicate this data to a remote server, You can use the manual replication feature. Manual replication is performed using an external media, instead of replication over a WAN. You can manually replicate data for the first time and then use the regular remote replication plan to replicate incremental data. 

In manual replication, as a local storage administrator, you first manually copy data to an external media, and then physically transport the media to the remote destination. At the remote destination, the remote administrator will then import the data from the external device to the remote recovery point server.  

This process can be used to replicate data from one RPS server to another and also to a remote RPS server. 


Step 1 : Create a Temporary Data Store

First create a temporary data store on an external device.

Follow these steps:

1.                  Navigate to Destinations, Recovery Point Server.

2.                  Select the Recovery Point Server.

3.                  Right-click and select Add a Data Store

4.                  Enter the details on the Add a Data Store page.

5.                  Provide the Backup Destination folders on the external device and save the data store. 

               A temporary data store is created. 

Step 2:          Replicate Source Data to the External Media Device

You have to replicate the source data to the external media device. The external device can then be detached from the server and transported to the remote destination.

Follow these steps:

              1.                  Right-click the source data store.

2.                  Select RPS Jumpstart.  

The RPS Jumpstart Wizard opens.

3.                  Expand your plan and select the node.

4.                  Click Next

The Select Target Data Store page opens.

5.                  Select the target data store where you want to move the data to.

6.                  Click Finish

You can see the progress of the replication on the Recent Events section on the right pane.

The data is successfully moved to the external device.

Step 3: Delete the Temporary Data Store

Delete the temporary data store that you had created. If you do not delete the temporary data store, you cannot remove the external media device.

Follow these steps:

1.                  Delete the temporary data store from the Console.

2.                  Remove the external device and send it to the remote location.

The data store is deleted. You can now transport the external media device to the remote destination. 

Import Data to the Remote Server

After you receive the external media device, as a remote administrator, attach the external media device to the remote recovery point server and import the data store. The import process lets CA arcserve UDP identify the external media device as a storage location for data transfer.

Follow these steps:

1.                  Navigate to the resources tab and select the recovery point server where you want to import the data store.

2.                  Right-click the recovery point server and select Import Data Store.  

The Import a Data Store screen opens.

3.                  Specify the folder from the external device as the destination folder. 

Step 4:  Create a Data Store at the Remote Server

To copy data from the external media device, create a data store on the remote recovery point server and replicate data using the jumpstart feature. If you have the required available space, you can also use an existing data store as your destination.

To copy data, follow the same procedure as described in Create a Temporary Data Store. Make sure that you create the data store on the remote recovery point server.

4.                  Click Save.

The data store is imported and you can see the data store on the Remote Console.

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    Jeroen Baas

    The RPS jumpstart procedure is clear to me.
    However I want to know if I can make back a back-up of a VM (in store 2) that is allready in store 1 en afterwards jumpstart that same VM from datastore 1 to 2. So I have 2 datastores. Datastore 1 contains VM1 datastore 2 is empty. I decide to backup VM1 to datastore 2. After this back-up I decide to jumpstart VM1 from datastore 1 to datastore 2. Is this possible?

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    Rodrigo GomesdeSouza

    Sorry I do not understand, is it for me to make a new datastore and move the old baclups to the