arcserve-KB : Steps to Install CA arserve UDP Agent for Linux on a Linux server

Last Update: 2017-06-15 12:26:27 UTC


 This document describes the steps to Install the CA arserve UDP Linux Agent on a Linux server.


  1. Download the CA arcserve UDP Agent (Linux) installation package (*.bin file) and the restore-utility package file to a temporary location on the Linux box

  1. arcserve_Unified_Data_Protection_Agent_Linux.bin
  2. arcserve_Unified_Data_Protection_restore_utility.iso

  1. If the files are available on a windows machine then they need to be copied to the Linux box using ftp or any third party utility like winscp.


  1. Create a new folder on the Linux box and move these files two files into that folder.

  1. Log in to the Linux server command line as a root user. Browse to the folder containing the installation files.


  1.  Use the chmod command to provide permissions to the files as below.


  1. Run the command below to begin the installation - ./ arcserve_Unified_Data_Protection_Agent_Linux.bin


  1. The installation package verifies the supported platform and displays a confirmation message and the license agreement is displayed.

  1. Type Y and press Enter to accept the licensing agreement. 



  1. Once the packages are extracted and installation completes, Ports to be open & URL to browse the Linux Backup Server is displayed.


  1. The default path for the UDP Linux agent install is /opt/CA/d2dserver

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    Bo Fabrice

    for UDP V6.5 point 10 is not /opt/CA/d2dserver/ but /opt/Arcserve/d2dserver/packages