arcserve-KB : no media in drive reported since customer increased the number of drives connected to the library

Last Update: 2015-06-08 15:34:14 UTC

ARCserve 16.1,16.5 for windows

Customer had  a library with 2 tape drives working properly but since he added a 3rd drive then ARCserve shows no media in drive.

The new drive is also not  assigned to the library in device manager.


When we inquiry directly the library for the number of drives it replies 2 , see the following line in Tape.log :


 - LDN:3 Number of Drive(s) : [2]


Then we cannot assign 3 drives to this library and the 3rd drive is seen as stand-alone and not a library drive.

 Please check the library ‘s  not enough to physically connect a new drive..library should be configured to 3 drives.

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