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arcserve-KB : How arcserve Backup Records Events in the Windows Event Viewer

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:02:37 UTC


How CA ARCserve Backup Records Events in the Windows Event Viewer:

Product :

ARCserve R15 SP1 , R16 SP1


Event Viewer is a Windows administrative tool that lets you monitor events that relate to application, security, and system logs. The information stored in Event Viewer can vary, based on the role of the computer to your environment and the applications that are running on the computer.

Note: To open Event Viewer, Click Start on the Windows toolbar, select Programs, Administrative Tools, and click Event Viewer.

The Server Admin lets you specify the type of CA ARCserve Backup event information that you want to record in Event Viewer.

The list that follows describes the event codes for CA ARCserve Backup information, warning, and error events that appear in Windows Event Viewer.

500--Most information events and agent information events

600--Agent warning events

700--Agent error events

900--Audit events

Unique event codes--resource ID of the message

The diagram that follows displays CA ARCserve Backup events in Windows Event Viewer.

Event Log Configuration (Windows Servers):

The Log tab allows you to enable or disable confirmation messages and to specify which messages may be written to the Windows Event Log.

Enable Message Logging into Event Log--By default, all messages are written only into the CA ARCserve Backup Activity Log. If you check this box, the following groups of check boxes become enabled:

Exclude Message Type From Logging Check Boxes--Use these check boxes to select which type of message should be excluded from the Event Log.

Exclude Message Logging From Check Boxes--Use these check boxes to exclude all messages from a particular CA ARCserve Backup module.

To access the Log :

From the ARCserve manager console go to Quick start, Server admin , Configuration

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