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arcserve-KB : How Backup Only local public folder documents works

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:08:19 UTC

When you configure the Agent for Document Level Backup you have following options:


Backup Only Local Public Folder Documents--In Exchange Server, public folders can include multiple public folder stores on many servers across your organization. As a result, when you select to back up a public folder, you could be backing up many public folder stores. To save time and maximize performance, this option lets you exclude remote public folder documents during public folder backups and backup only local public folder.

Scenario #1

Here we have two Exchange server 2010 and we created two public folders from Exchange server management console , PFDBDAG1  on  dag1 server and PFDBDAG2 on dag2 server:

You might have a look at the trace of the Exchange document level agent (exsispaw.bk###.trc):

<04/09/2013-12:04:58:367 TID:3de8>[MAPISIS INFO]BackupOnlyLocalPFMessages = 1 -> it means that the option Backup only local public folder documents is selected.

Then, you might check if your Public folder is located on a local sever:

In this example all PF are located on DAG1 and here is the backup result:

Scenario  #2

In the case the Public folders are on a remote server, in the trace you will have following message:

<04/09/2013-12:04:23:688 TID:4a78>[MAPISIS INFO] PF [DAG1User1PF1] is on remote Server [WANSH09-DAG1]

In this case, Public folder is located on a remote server [WANSH09-DAG1] and so selecting the option Backup Only Public folder documents, we will have following backup result:

<04/09/2013-12:09:41:817 TID:0ecc>Successfully backed up: 3 root public folders, 3 folders, and 0 documents.

                                 As per above backup result, no documents are saved and can be restored from document level!!!


To backup remote Public folders you need to uncheck the option “Backup Only Local Public Folder Documents” and restart the Universal agent



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