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arcserve-KB : How to filter devices in the Library

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:17:44 UTC

 Ca ARCserve Backup r12.5, R15.x r16.x

This document describes the preferences which can be set to filter the devices in the device Library

Note: The following preferences apply to library devices, and only affect those Manager views in CA ARCserve Backup where a device or a group hierarchy displays (for example, in the Backup Manager under the Destination tab, or in the Device Manager view). By default, none of the options are selected, and there are no default values for any of the choices.


Go to CA ARCServe device Manager and click on 'View' and click 'Preferences',

Click 'Library Filter' Tab and specify the desired filter options.

Note: Read the description below to learn about the filter preferences

Show Write Protected Media in Format / Erase dialogs

Lets you view write-protected media in all Format and Erase dialogs.

Show Empty Slots

Lets you view the empty slots in the library.

Show Slots Between

Lets you specify the range of slots to be displayed in the current manager. To define the range, enter the minimum and maximum number of slots allowed.

Show Blank Media

Lets you view the blank media in the library.

Show Tapes Within Media Pool

Lets you view the tapes within a particular media pool. Wildcards ('*' and '?') are accepted in the media pool.

Show Tapes Matching Serial #

Lets you view the tapes that match a certain serial number. Wildcards ('*' and '?') are accepted in the serial number.

Important! Applying filters can significantly reduce the amount of data that you have to deal with at one time, and you should use them only with large libraries.

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