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arcserve-KB : How to upgrade client agent for OpenVMS

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:35:29 UTC

How to upgrade the Client agent for OpenVMS
The Agent for OpenVMS does not have a mechanism forupgrading from an old version to a new version. You need to reinstall the Agent with the new version. 
To upgrade the agent 
 1.  Please stop the agent, if it is running, using the following command: 
 2.  Mount the installation media as follows:
      mount /over=id  
 3.  From a location containing at least 10 blocks, execute the following command: 
      run cddevice:[VMS]BAB_YYDDMM_SETUP_XXX.exe 
     where xxx is one of the following: 
      *   ALPHA for alpha 
      *   VAX for vax 
          The BAB_YYDDMM_SETUP_XXX.EXE file extracts a setup.com file and executes it. 
 4.  You are prompted to identify a temporary area with at least 85000 blocks. The archive containing the save sets to be  installed is decompressed into this area. If the location you specify does not have the required amount of disk  space, you are prompted to specify a different location. The upgrade procedure will empty out the area, used for  decompressing the save sets, at the end of the upgrade    procedure. 
 5.  When the save sets have been decompressed, vmsinstal runs automatically. Follow the prompts. At one point install procedure will prompt with the following message: 
     ***** This version is already installed *****
     Do you want to continue? [Y]? 
     Please respond with 'Y' to continue with upgrading the agent to the latest version.
 6.  When the upgrade is complete, the agent starts

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