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arcserve-KB : How to create Staging Device?

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:17:54 UTC

Description: How to create Staging Device?

Please follow the below Navigation steps to configure the same

1)  On CA ARCserve Backup navigate to Quickstart > Administration > Device

2) On the Right hand the down pain there would be an option of selecting Manage Disk Based Devices.

3) Once you click the above option a pop up window will  appear requesting to provide the details of the staging location.

4) Provide the staging device name, Location of the device and the Group if needed or ARCserve will automatically do that. Once done we would get a saved settings window as shown below.

5) Now it's time to enable staging on the Device, once the step 4 is done > Right click on the device and select the option Manage Device Group Properties as shown in the below screen.


6)  The below option shows the window just CheckMark the option Enable Staging.


7) Once the above opeation is done, there should be a icon changed on the staging device as shown in the below screen. If the icon is missing that means the staging is not enabled yet and the purge operation will not run if incase the staging is not enabled.

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