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Last Update: 2015-09-11 14:59:25 UTC

Description: Where to Install the Manager Console

The CA ARCserve Backup Manager Console is a graphical user interface (GUI) that lets you log in to ARCserve Primary and Stand-alone servers from a remote system. With the Manager Console you can manage and monitor backup, restore, and other jobs that run from any ARCserve server. For example, a stand-alone server and a primary server and its member servers.

The Manager Console installation option lets you install the components that you need to manage you backup operations. You do not need to allocate storage space for backup data, logs, reports, and so on. This type of information is stored on primary and stand-alone servers.

You can install the Manager Console on any computer that is running an operating system that CA ARCserve Backup supports.

To determine best location where to install the Manager Console, consider the following general guidelines:

  • The target system is a portable computer. For example, a notebook computer. You will use the portable computer to manage backup operations, but you will not store backup data on the portable computer.
  • The target system resides in a remote location from your backup environment. Due to the bandwidth limitations manifested by your environment, it may not be practical to manage and back up data to the remote system.
  • The target system does not meet the minimum system requirements to install the CA ARCserve Backup Server components. Refer to the readme file for a description of the minimum system requirements that your system needs to install the CA ARCserve Backup Server and Manager components.
  • The target system is turned off periodically. Backup servers must be running at all times to achieve the highest level of data protection.

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