arcserve-KB : Present the SAN LUNs on backup server

Last Update: 2018-10-02 22:30:10 UTC


This document describes the steps to present the SAN LUNs to backup and proxy server:


Follow the below steps to configure the SAN LUNs on backup server:-

1)Zone the SAN LUNs containing the VMFS datastore in such a way the ARCserve Backup server is able to see

 and access the  SAN LUNS (Zoning can be done from SAN console provided from the SAN Hardware vendor)

2) Ensure that LUNs are shown as 'unknown volumes' in disk manager on Backup server.

3) Ensure that LUNs are presented in read/write mode.

 Note: Do NOT write a signature or assign a drive letter to these 'unknown volumes'

 4) On the Backup Server, ensure that the “Automount disable” and “automount scrub” commands have been run

     to disable    automatic drive letter assignment

To disable auto mount

 i.Open a new command prompt

ii.Type diskpart

iii.At the prompt, type automount disable in.

iv.The computer will display the message 'Automatic mounting of new volumes disabled'

v. Type exit

Confirm the following dword registry key is set to 1 (disabled)


Note: Sometimes it may not show as ' Unknown', but it will have no drive letter assigned to it.

5)Backup server has connectivity to both the ESX host and vCenter servers

  i)Backup server should be able to ping ESX host and vCenter servers.

  ii) Recommendation:  ESX hosts have two NICS, one for vLAN and another dedicated to Backup console   


   When adding new non-VMFS disks (NTFS drives/SAN) to VMware environment, the Non-VMFS datastore LUNs

   will need to be mounted manually on the Backup server (does not automatically mount disks)

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