arcserve-KB : How to Migrate arcserve Database to a New Database server.

Last Update: 2015-09-09 08:53:32 UTC


How to Migrate ARCserve Database to a New Database.

There might be some situations when we want to use a FULL Version of SQL Server instead of SQL EXPRESS which is by default provided by CA ARCServe Backup.


There can also a situation wherein the SQL EXPRESS database gets used up full.

We can follow the below mentioned steps to do the same


1) Make sure non of the jobs are running in CA ARCserve Backup.

2) If any jobs are running please stop them and make sure they would be in Ready state and not Running or Stopping.

3) Once Verified the above Exit CA ARCserve Manager Console.

4) Navigate to Start >Program files > CA > ARCserve Backup > Server Configuration Wizard.

5) Select Database on the Window.

6) Enter the CAROOT account password.

7) Enter the Microsoft Windows User name and password on the window displayed.

8) Select Microsoft SQL Server Database.

9) On the SQL SERVER ACCOUNT Information tab, either select Windows Security or SQL Server security depending upon the permissions provided. If Windows Domain account has been selected then the user should have appropriate rights on the database like SYSADMIN.

10) On the SQL server type select  REMOTE if the SQL Server is remotely located. Select Local if it is located locally.

11) Click NEXT once the above details are entered appropriately and once the Database is moved at the end of the migration there would be a pop up saying DATA WOULD BE MIGRATED, please click YES so that all the DATA from the previous old database would be moved to the newly configured SQL SERVER. So that all the previous DATA will be still be available.

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