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arcserve-KB : Configure Global Dashboard

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:34:44 UTC

Description: Configure Global Dashboard

 For Global Dashboard to work properly, it is important that the configuration process be performed at the central site and at each associated branch site to enable the necessary communication and synchronization of dashboard-related data from the branch site to the central site. You can configure the server immediately after installation or you can manually launch the configuration at a more convenient time from the Server Configuration Wizard.

Important! During the configuration process, the CA ARCserve Backup database engine will be shut down for a few minutes. Plan your configuration at a convenient and non-intrusive time when there are no CA ARCserve Backup jobs scheduled.

When you start the Global Dashboard configuration process, you must first select the type of primary server you want to configure. When making this selection, it is important to remember the following:

  • Within your CA ARCserve Backup environment, there can only be one primary server configured as the Central Primary Server and a Branch Primary Server can only report to one Central Primary Server. When selecting the Central Primary Server, the main consideration should be database type and size. Make sure the selected Central Primary Server is Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2 and capable of storing dashboard data received from all registered Branch Primary Servers.
  • Any primary server (or stand-alone server) within your CA ARCserve Backup environment can be configured to be a Branch Primary Server. A domain member server cannot be configured as a Branch Primary Server.
  • All associated Branch Primary Servers must be registered with the Central Primary Server to enable synchronization.
  • There are three roles for Global Dashboard: Central Primary Server, Branch Primary Server, and Global Dashboard Console.
    • The Global Dashboard Console role does not need configuration. After a Primary Server has selected the Global Dashboard option during installation, it automatically has Global Dashboard Console functionality.
    • A Primary Server with the Global Dashboard Console role can still be configured as the Central Primary Server or a Branch Primary Server.
    • After a Primary Server has been configured as the Central Primary Server or a Branch Primary Server, its role cannot be changed anymore.
    • The relationship of three roles is as follows:
      • A Branch Primary Server also has the functionality of a Global Dashboard Console.
      • The Central Primary Server also has the functionality of both a Branch Primary Server (there is a local branch) and a Global Dashboard Console.
  • At the end of CA ARCserve Backup installation, setup will launch the Global Dashboard configuration utility. You can use this utility to configure your server as the Central Primary Server or a Branch Primary Server. If you only want to use the Global Dashboard Console functionality or you want to configure your server as the Central Primary Server or a Branch Primary Server at a later time, you can select the 'Keep the current Primary Server configuration' option.

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