arcserve-KB : Delegate Exchange Full Administrator Role for backup account on the Exchange Server 2003

Last Update: 2014-10-15 13:28:48 UTC


To assign permissions for the backup agent service account

  1. On the Exchange Server, from the Start menu, select All Programs, Microsoft Exchange, System Manager.
  2. When the Exchange System Manager dialog opens, right-click the name of your organization or Administrative Group and select Delegate control.
  3. When the Exchange Administration Delegation Wizard opens, click Next.
  4. When the Users or Groups dialog opens, click Add.

    Wizard showing Users and Groups

  5. When the Delegate Control dialog opens, in the Group field, click Browse.

    Delegate control dialog

  6. Enter the name of your Backup Agent System Account and click OK.

    Select Users, Computers or Groups

  7. When the Delegate Control dialog reopens, in the Role field, select Exchange Full Administrator and click OK.

    Delegate control dialog showing role

    The name of your account opens in the Users and groups field.

    Exchange Administration Delegation Wizard showing users and groups

  8. Click Next and then click Finish.

    You have successfully assigned permissions for the backup agent service account.

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