arcserve-KB : How to generate Job Status report for specific source hosts

Last Update: 2015-08-26 12:18:19 UTC


We have daily back up job status report however  by default we do not have an option to specific host. Specific source host name. Hence to accomplish the task we need to use report writer.

Source host is saved in a database in a following format


If the server is having the IP address added then we will have the Ip address instead of (

To create and generate the report 

1. Open the Report Writer utility by selecting the Utilities menu and then choose Report Writer. 

2. Enter a name for your report in the Report Title text box. Optionally, you can enter a description of your report in the Description text box.

 3. In the Available Queries table, highlight the job details. To select Session number, source host etc to include in your report, highlight the item in the Available Columns table and click Add. The item will be moved to the Report Columns table.

 Note: You can create reports made up of information collected from multiple sources. For example, you could create a report that reports on Job Type, Tape Name, and Source Host.

 4. Click Next to go to the Report Criteria screen. From this screen, you can customize your report in the following ways:

■ Set the order of the records—The records (or rows) in the columns of your report can be sorted in either ascending or descending order. By default, the records are ordered in ascending order.

■ Set the order of the columns—The column at the top of the Report Columns list will be the first (left-most) column in your report. To change the position of a column, highlight it in the Report Columns table and click the up or down arrow.

■ Set filters—The records for your report can be filtered for specific criteria that you define.

This is where you have to select source host. Then you have to select the operator = and specific the host name as \\SERVER NAME( After specifying a filter, click Add Criteria to add it to the Query Criteria table.

     And then run the report

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