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Last Update: 2017-05-08 12:22:43 UTC

How to increase the throughput and time used for performing backup.

Environment Details :-  R15.0 ,R15.0sp1,R16.0 ,R16.0 sp1

Operating system : - Win2003 x86 x64, win2008 x86 x64 bit All editions

Steps to be followed :-

1. Backing up remote server

* Make sure the version of ARCserve base on the backup server and the version of CA ARCserve Agent for windows on the remote server  is same.

* IF having any anti-virus all the CA folders should be excluded in ANTI-VIRUS both on backup server and remote server

* Do a normal windows of data around 2 gb and check the time taken and the speed per sec, compare the speed with the throughput we are getting for backup  in job history tab. IF the throughput is less then perform the following changes on the remote server

ON Remote server :-

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA ARCServe Backup\ClientAgent\Parameters

MaxSendPacketSize from 512 to 48   ( decimal value)

- Restart the universal agent service

Why to reduce  MaxsendpacketSize ?

- This configuration varies with environment and the type of NIC card we are using on the remote and local server

Logic behind the configuration  : -  By default the agent sends packet size of data 512 kb and we are saying the agent to send small packets of data 48 kb which will help the NIC card on the backup server and remote server for better performance.

* Now compare the throughput with the previous backup . If still getting less throughput do the following changes

ON the backup server :-

Open  CA ARCserve Manager

Goto -- Quick start -- Server admin -- Select the backup server and click configuration -- job engine tab -- increase the buffer from

256 to 512 Kbytes

- Do cstop and cstart on the backup server

- Perform a test backup and then check the output

* The same steps can even be applied while backing up local server

Note  : Throughput issues varies with environment , configuration , hardware and the type of backups we are running.

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