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arcserve-KB : FAQ on Archive Job

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:27:15 UTC


Frequently Asked Questions for an Archive Job

Q: Do I need license for the CA ARCserve backup Archive Manager?
A: No, the CA ARCserve Backup Archive Manager is included with the base product.

Q: Does CA ARCserve Backup Archive Manager support applications, eg Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle?
A: No, CA ARCserve Backup Archive Manager supports archiving of only directories/files but not applications.

Q: Does Archive Manager support archiving of Operating System files?
A: No, Archive manager does not support, nor recommends archiving of OS files.

Q: Does Archive Manager use stub files as a link to archived files?
A: No stub files are used on the file system as a link to archived files. CA ARCserve Backup has to be used to restore the archived files.

Q: Can the Archive Manager use de-duplication, tape libraries or cloud devices, as archive storage destinations?
A: Yes, Archive Manager can use tape, de-duplication or cloud devices.

Q: Does the Archive Manager backup directly to a cloud device?
A: No, archived data is first backed up to a disk device, then migrated to a cloud device, not backed to a cloud device directly.

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