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arcserve-KB : How to overwrite arcserve database in R 15 and R 16?

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:00:59 UTC


This document will explain the procedure to overwrite CA ARCserve database if it is corrupt

In case you have a problem with ARCServe database 'SQL 2008 Express Edition' and want to have fresh new database.


How to create a new database in R15 / R16

Step 1

Start > Program files > CA > Server Configuration wizard.

Step 2

Select Configuration wizard and select Database.

Step 3

Provide the caroot password.

Step 4

Log in with the windows user account.

Step 5

Database selection.

Gives user two options to choose.

  • To use default ARCserve DB select SQL 2008.
  • To use existing SQL installed on local/remote as per the supported editions.
  • To verify other supported versions of CA ARCserve check the compatibity matrix
    • CA ARCserve Backup => Base & Options => Under 'Backup server' =>  'Supported ARCserve Databases'

Step 6

To over write old ARCserve instance select the option or uncheck it and click next.

Note: If you want you choose different language by hitting 'Language support options' or else select
'Default collation'.

Figure 8

Step 7

ARCserve will stop and start the ARCserve services when creating new SQL instance.

Step 8

Hit finish.

More Information:-

  • If we are using a full version of supported SQL server it has to be manually installed.
  • If we are required to install another supported version of SQL express 2008 . It has to be installed manually. The instance name has to be specified as ARCSERVE_DB during the installation.
  • If the existing sql express and if it needs to be upgraded to a higher version of supported sql express edition it has to be manually downloaded and then we need to run the sql express setup and upgrade the ARCSERVE_DB instance

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