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arcserve-KB : How to uninstall arcserve Agent for Microsoft SQL Server on Backup Server?

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:19:14 UTC


On Backup server we may see two ARCserve components get installed  under CA ARCserve Agent for Microsoft SQL Server.

  1. Agent for Microsoft SQL Server
  2. Agent for ARCserve Database

Agent SQL License Database
Agent for Microsoft SQL Server Required SQL system+ user databases

Agent for ARCserve Database

Not Required  ARCserve database only

  • We may have accidentally installed both the agents during the initial setup.
  • To avoid license errors we are required to uninstall Agent for Microsoft SQL Server if we don't require it.

Uninstalling procedure for Agent for  Microsoft SQL Server installed on backup server:-

  1. Start-> Control Panel -> Programs(Uninstall)
  2. Highlight 'CA ARCserve Backup ' click uninstall
  3. Select  only 'CA ARCserve Agent for Microsoft SQL Server' and click 'Next'

 4. Select  'Agent for Microsoft SQL Server' only and select 'Next'  .

This wizard shall now  finish removal of  'Agent for Microsoft SQL Server'

 More information:-

Agent for ARCserve database is used for protecting ARCserve database

Backup of ARCserve Database: Click here

Recovery of ARCserve database: Click here

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