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arcserve-KB : How to change the arcserve Domain name without uninstalling the product?

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:17:36 UTC

Last Modified Date:    01/05/2009
Document ID:    TEC478656
Tech Document
Title:  How to change the CA Arcserve Domain name without uninstalling the product?


Sometimes it could be necessary to rename the CA Arcserve Domain name. Generally a new installation is required but there are two ways to change the CA Arcserve Domain name with lower impact:

  1. Demoting a Primary CA Arcserve Backup Server to a CA Arcserve Backup Member Server. *
  2. Through a manual edit of product system files.

*Note: this procedure needs a second CA Arcserve Backup Domain available. Refer to CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Administration Guide for detailed information to get more details about CA ARCserve Domains.



In a CA Arcserve Backup Domain it is not possible to change the Domain name just selecting to change the server. The following procedure will show how to change the CA Arcserve Backup Domain name demoting a Primary Backup server to Member server in order to create a new domain.

  1. Open the CA Arcserve Manager to check what domain name is available

    Figure 1
  2. Click on the link 'click here to change the server'. You see the Domain Name cannot be changed!

    Figure 2
  3. Close the CA Arcserve Manager and start the Server Configuration Wizard

    Figure 3
  4. Select Demote this server to member server

Before you demote a primary server to a member server, the following considerations apply:

  1. All jobs must be stopped on the primary server before the demotion process starts. CA ARCserve Backup detects all jobs with a Ready Status and places them in a Hold status for you. If there are jobs in progress, CA ARCserve Backup displays a message and the demotion process pauses until all jobs in progress are complete.

If the primary server contains member server relationships, the Server Configuration Wizard presents you with list of member servers that the primary server is managing and the following options:

  1. Demote the primary server.
  2. Demote the primary server and allow the member servers it is managing to join the new domain.

If the primary server is managing member servers, the best practice is to promote the members servers or move them to a different domain before you demote the primary server.

  1. The CA ARCserve Backup database information from the primary server will not migrate to the database in the domain that the new member server joins.
  2. All registered licenses will be removed form the primary server.
  3. If the demoted primary server is joining an ARCserve domain that is running a remote Microsoft SQL Server database installation, and the primary server communicates with the SQL Server database using Windows authentication, the new member server must have a system account that uses Windows authentication and communicates via ODBC before you start the demotion process.

If the new member server does not have a system account that uses Windows authentication and communicates via ODBC, the Server Configuration Wizard set up the RPC communication.

To specify the ODBC communication, do the following:

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, Data Sources (OBDC), and System DSN.
  2. Add a System Data Source labeled as follows:
    Name: ASNT
    Server: MachineName\InstanceName
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to test and complete the configuration.

    Figure 4

    Figure 5

    Please refer to the note above. Arcserve DB data will not migrated to the new domain!

    Figure 6

    Specifiy the CA Arcserve Domain name that you want to demote to and the associated caroot account information!

    Figure 7

    The Windows system account information:

    Figure 8

    Figure 9

    At this point all relevant data from the old Primary will be migrated to the new Primary server except the Database content
    However you can choose the migrate session deatils and catalog to the new domain. Be aware that depending on how many data you have into the database or catalog this process needs long time!

    Figure 10

    Figure 11

    Figure 12

    Figure 13

    Please click NEXT just to show that the progress has changed this machine to a Member Server.

    Figure 14

    Figure 15

    Figure 16

    Manager on new Arcserve Domain server XXXX-w2k3sbs
    Demoted Primary server R2TEST is now added to the new Domain

    Figure 17

    Default Server for R2TEST is now XXXX-W2K3SBS
    When selecting an option you will be asked for Primary/Default Server caroot login

    Figure 18

    Figure 19

    Still view of Arcserve Manager on machine R2TEST. See the different icons for Primary and Member server

    Now promote it back to a Primary Server

    Close CA Arcserve Manager on Primary Server and on Member Server. Make sure no active jobs or Tape engine operations are running.

    Start Server Configuration Wizard on Member server R2TEST as in step 3.

    Figure 20

    Select to promote this Member to a Primary Backup Server

    Figure 21

    The original CA Arcserve Domain name and Servername will be shown

    !!! As this was a Member server you will be asked for a NEW caroot password now!!!

    !!! Here and only here you will be able to change the CA Arcserve Backup Domain name !!!

    Figure 21

    Figure 23

    Figure 24

    This screen will be displayed because the Primary Server XXXX-W2K3SBS had a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Arcserve Database. Previously it was a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express ASDB used for R2TEST.
    So either you want to change to another database or you may select the 1st item Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.

    !!! As you still have the previous ASDB installed you will be able to select Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition!!!

    Figure 25

    Figure 26

    A warning shows up. Be aware it will not migrate any information

    Figure 27

    Server Config will find the previous ASDB and ask to 'Overwrite' it.
    !!!Please uncheck the field so that the Database will not be overwritten!!!

    Figure 28

    Figure 29

    Figure 30

    Figure 31

    This process has been finished now and you have to re-install the Central Management Option (CMO).
    Please open the Server Admin and right click on the new primary server and check Install/Uninstall Options (see screenshot below)

    Then follow with the steps to install Central Management Option (CMO)
    Open CA Arcserve Backup Manager and Server Admin on the right hand side:

    Figure 32

    Select the Central Management Option

    Figure 33

    Figure 34

    Figure 35

    Figure 36

    Figure 37

    NOW, the CA Arcserve Backup Domain name is changed!!!

  4. Figure 38


How to change the CA Arcserve Backup Domain name through manual edit of the product system files.

  • change the Arcserve Domain name in file discovery.cfg under C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve Backup\config
  • Goto C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve Backup\data\discovery

    Figure 39
  • rename the folder C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve Backup\data\discovery\OLDDOMAINNAME

    renaming the folder will reset the caroot equivalences and password. Please make sure to reconfigure a caroot equivalence and password after restarting the arcserve services.

    Figure 40

    Restart CA Arcserve Backup services by using
  • cstop
  • cstart
  • Start Arcserve Manager it will ask you for the caroot password again but you see the Domain name has been already changed

    Figure 41
  • Do not enter any password for caroot because this has been reset to 'empty password' while renaming the 'OLDDOMAINNAME' folder. So the password is empty!

    Figure 42

    Please refer to the CA ARCserve Backup for Windows Command Line Reference Guide on your CD to set a new caroot equivalence and password:
  • use command line tool ca_auth to set a new equivalence :

    ca_auth -equiv add ntuser (local Administrator) servername CA Arcserve Username (caroot) caroot >password of caroot< (first time empty)

  • use commandline tool authsetup.exe to set a new password

    authsetup /p >new caroot password you wish<
  • Or use Server Configuration Wizard to set a new one.

This procedure recreates the files User and Equiv under
C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve Backup\data\discovery\NEWDOMAINNAME

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