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arcserve-KB : How to setup a rotation on Hard drives

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:14:28 UTC

Last Modified Date:    01/22/2009
Document ID:    TEC480461
Tech Document
Title:  How to setup a rotation on Hard drives


Rotations are generally used with Tapes. However with the use of file system devices we can use the Hard drive and have a rotation job running.


To run backups to disk is done using FSD ( File system devices). In this Article we will discuss '5-day-full' rotation schedule backup on a hard drive.

Step one.

Create file system devices, for this schedule 5 FSD's needs to be created, it can be on the same hard drive.

  1. Create five folders like destination1, destination2, destination3, destination4, destination5 on the hard drive.
  2. Then using ARCserve configure File system devices, steps as follows.
  3. In the ARCserve manager go to Quick Start Menu, then Administration, then More on Devices and then click on Device Configuration.
  4. Select File System Device option, then click next and then select the primary server name and provide the Caroot password.
  5. Select the server where you want the FSD, click next.
  6. Click on Add and Label the file device name and then under location click and browse and select destination folder from the hard drive.
  7. Similarly create five more FSDs.

Step two.

Create a device group to have all the five FSD in it.

Steps to do

  1. Go to ARCserve Device manager, right click on the server name and then click on configure device group.
  2. You will see all the FSD's that were created under each group, hence rename one Group with a descriptive name and delete the rest four.
  3. Four FSD's will move in the available devices, hence assign all of them to the group you renamed.
  4. Click OK.

To verify open backup manager and click on destination tab.

Now its all set to create the job, clink on Source to select the data to backup and then under destination click on the group that you created to accommodate the FSD's like above.

Note: the Media box should have '*'

Then under Schedule tab, select the rotation scheme as 5 days full and provide a media pool name, also any other setting that you would want to make.

Click on Options and check if any other options are needed like encryption or alerts etc.

Submit the job, provide the credentials and then give description to the job. once it submitted it should show up in Job Queue as Ready status.

NOTE: Once the above activity is done, format all the media and assign to the media pool and make sure that all 5 media are showing up in Scratch set, if not then assign the medias. The maximum number of FSD's are 255.

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