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arcserve-KB : How to Use arcserve Backup Dashboard

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:06:48 UTC


Last Modified Date:    07/06/2009
Document ID:    TEC492299
Tech Document
Title:  How to Use CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard


The CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard is a user interface tool that provides you with a snapshot overview of your backup infrastructure and your storage resource management (SRM) environment. This dashboard view lets you quickly and easily monitor relevant information to help you manage the performance and operation of your backup and SRM environment. Dashboard lets you quickly and easily monitor a wide variety of backup environment information and produce exportable reports for each monitored area.


To use CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard

Important! Make sure all CA ARCserve Backup services are up and running prior to using CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard. For more about starting CA ARCserve Backup services, see the Administration Guide.

Note: Dashboard can only be accessed by users having CA ARCserve Backup Administrator, Monitor Operator, Tape Operator, and Report Operator assigned user profile roles. For more information about User Profiles, see the Administrator Guide or online help.

You can access the CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard from the Monitor & Reports Menu on the Navigation Bar of the CA ARCserve Backup Manager Console

Figure 1

You can also access CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard from the Quick Start menu.

Figure 2

The CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard main screen appears, displaying a snapshot view that provides status reports of the specified CA ARCserve Backup environment.

Figure 3

The CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard GUI consists of two report content panes on the left side and a report display window on the right. The two report content panes display a complete list of available All Reports (in alphabetical order) and a list of any of your customized pre-selected Dashboard Groups. The report display window shows the selected report(s)

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