arcserve-KB : How to perform Response file or Silent Installation of arcserve r12.5?

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Title:  How to perform Response file or Silent Installation of ARCserve r12.5?


This document provides step by step instructions to Install ARCserve R12.5 by Response file.

Response file can be used in Zero Administration and also called as Silent Installation.


Step 1.

Run the Installation wizard from the R12.5 DVD.

Click Install and proceed to accept the CA License Agreement.

Figure 1

Step 2

Agree the license agreement.

Figure 2

Step 3

Enter license key.

Figure 3

Step 4

Select the 3rd option 'Create a response file'.

Figure 4

Step 5

Select the Install type.

Figure 5

Step 6

For example Client agent for windows.

Figure 6

Step 7

Shows the setup summary of the components selected.

Figure 7

Step 8

A response file will be created automatically.

Figure 8

Note: Copy the command.

MasterSetup.exe /i:'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Setup.icf'

Step 9

  • From the command prompt go to CA ARCserve installation disk.

  • Enter the Install directory.

  • Type the command 'MasterSetup.exe /i:'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Setup.icf'.

  • Installation will be done in the background and you can see the installed components.

  • This is how it will appear.

    Figure 9
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