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arcserve-KB : How to Configure and Schedule Email Reports from arcserve Backup Dashboard?

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:15:59 UTC

ARCserve Backup provides the most comprehensive reporting capabilities that can save a lot of time and effort if leveraged. Starting from ARCserve r12.5 version we have the Dashboard. In the latest releases we have a feature 'Visualization' - A visual view of the entire backup environment.

This how-to describes scheduling email reports from the Dashboard.

1.Open Dashboard
Open the ARCserve Dashboard and click the Schedule Emails button on the Top right corner.

2.Add a new schedule
Click on 'NEW' Button to add a new Schedule from within the 'Schedule Emails' dialogue window.

3.New Schedule Windows Pops-up
Provide the recipient Details under the 'Email' Tab (Multiple recipients can be added by separating them with a semi-colon).

4.Select Reports to be Emailed
Click on the 'Reports' Tab and Select the Required Reports to be Emailed. You may select the specific number of Days for which the report needs to be generated.

5.Set Schedule for emails

Click on the 'schedule' Tab to select the specific Days of week and the Time when the Report needs to be Emailed.

6.Select Reports to be Emailed

Click on 'View Log Messages' to test the email communication

7.Verify the status of the messages

If there is an error it could be due to an issue with Alert Manager configuration (Click Here for Alert Manager Configuration )

The Scheduled Reports feature can be used to get regular emails on the status of your backups. This can save the time of having to login to the ARCserve Manager or Dashboard to monitor the state of your backups.

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