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Title:  How can i open an email attachment sent by CA ARCserve Report manager?


In R12.5 by default the reports are in xml format and when its sent to email the recipient receives and email with 3 or more file attached in the email and it does not open on double click, it needs to be saved and then opened.


When an email is sent with the reports attached, below is the what the recipient will get, and when clicked on any of the file the recipient will get the information prompt.

'The type of attachment must be saved to disk. Right-click the link, and then click on save Target As to save the attachment.'

Figure 1

This is default behavior, hence in order to overcome this problem, we need to first change the format type of the report.

Following are the steps to perform:

  1. Go to report manager.

  2. Right click the report and click on Schedule.

  3. File name: provide the name for the report

    and Formal Type: by Default it will be XML, change it to CSV(*.csv,*.txt)

  4. Select send by email.

  5. Click next.

  6. Enter the security and then

  7. Provide the schedule or just run now (for the test).

  8. Provide the Job description.

  9. Then submit.

    Figure 2

    and then the email should be accessed by MS OUTLOOK, the receipts will get a .CSV file which can be opened from within the email.

    Figure 3
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