arcserve-KB : How to Install and Uninstall arcserve Backup Server Based Options.

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Title:  How to Install and Uninstall CA ARCserve Backup Server Based Options.


From a primary and stand-alone CA ARCserve Backup server, you can use the Server Admin to install and uninstall the following CA ARCserve Backup options:

  • CA ARCserve Backup Central Management Option

  • CA ARCserve Backup Tape Library Option

  • CA ARCserve Backup Storage Area Network (SAN) Option

  • CA ARCserve Backup Disk to Disk to Tape Option

Before you install and uninstall CA ARCserve Backup server based options, the following considerations apply:

  • You can install and uninstall options only on a primary or stand-alone CA ARCserve Backup server.

  • The CA ARCserve Backup options that display in the Install/Uninstall Options dialog will vary depending on the type of CA ARCserve Backup server you are configuring.

  • If you are installing server based options, ensure that all external devices (for example, libraries) are connected to the primary servers, member servers, and the SAN in your environment. CA ARCserve Backup automatically detects supported devices and configures them for use automatically when the tape engine starts.

You must manually configure devices that CA ARCserve Backup does not automatically detect.


To install and uninstall CA ARCserve Backup server based options

  1. From the Quick Start menu in the Navigation Bar on the Home Page, click Server Admin.

    The Server Admin opens.

  2. Expand the domain directory tree and click the primary or stand-alone server where you want to install or uninstall options.

    The domain directory tree is illustrated by the following:

    Figure 1

  3. Right-click the server where you want to install and uninstall options and select Install/Uninstall Options from the pop-up menu.

    The Install/Uninstall Options dialog opens.

  4. From the Product Name list on the Install/Uninstall Options dialog, place a check mark next to the options that you want to install and clear the check mark next to the options that you want to uninstall.

  5. Click OK and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation, un-installation, or both.
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