arcserve-KB : How to run a Disaster Recovery on a server that does not have a DVD drive?

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Last Modified Date:    01/17/2010
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Title:  How to run a Disaster Recovery on a server that does not have a DVD drive?


When running the Disaster Recovery by using the Machine Specific Floppy disk, it requires the ARCserve DVD and the windows installation media. If the server on which the Disaster Recovery is being performed, does not have a DVD drive (for the ARCserve media) then you can create a CD that contains the ARCserve files required for the DR.


Follow the below steps to create a CD with the basic files required for ARCserve DR:

  1. Open the ARCserve Manager.

  2. Click on Quick Start, expand Utilities and select Create Boot Kit.

  3. In the Boot Kid Wizard, select the third option 'CA ARCserve Backup DR CD/DVD'.

    Figure 1

  4. Click on Next and then specify the location to save the ISO image.

  5. Provide the location of the ARCserve installation source files on the next screen.

  6. Once you click on Next, it will create the ISO image (less than 100 MB) that can be burned to a CD and used as the ARCserve DR media.

Note: It is recommended to integrate the ARCserve installation files, Windows installation files and the Machine Specific Disk (MSD) in one CD/DVD by using the CA ARCserve Backup Bootable CD/DVD Image option in the Create Boot Kit Wizard. This option would create an ISO that contains all the files required for the Disaster Recovery.

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