arcserve-KB : How to overwrite a SQL arcserve Database only if necessary, after you have installed the product.

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Title:  How to overwrite a SQL ARCserve Database only if necessary, after you have installed the product.


There are rare situations where you might need to overwrite the ARCserve database. Usually it would be due to the ARCserve Database not working properly even after running all the Database Maintenance Operations under the Database Engine combined with you not backing up the ARCserve Db on a regular basis.

If you do back up the ARCserve Db on a regular basis, you should just be able to restore the last known good backup of the ARCserve db.


  • In Program Files (x86)\CA\ARCserve Backup, select ARCserveCfg.exe

  • This window should appear. Choose Select Database.

    Figure 1

  • Put in the System account information.

    Figure 2

  • Choose what type of ARCserve database you are using.

    Figure 3

  • Keep Overwrite the existing 'ARCSERVE_DB' instance selected.

    Once you select next, all data in the existing instance will be deleted and cannot be recovered, unless you have backed up the ARCserve database before following this procedure. Data that will be lost includes all media pool, data links to restore data, which you can merge back. All the jobs you have created unless you have saved them as scripts.

    Figure 4

  • When the database is overwritten and is ready to use again, you should see this window. Select Finish.

    Figure 5
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