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Title:  How to enable Media Assurance in CA ARCserve Backup?


Media Assurance feature helps you ensure that the sessions on the media are restorable. A Media Assure job scans sessions randomly based on specified criteria.

Note: For the Media Assure feature, it depends on the session records in the CA ARCserve Backup database. So, if there are no records for the media in the database or the session records for this media have been destroyed, media assure will not scan any sessions.


Follow the steps below to enable Media Assurance.


Launch CA ARCserve Backup manager console, Click on Quick Start -> Utilities -> Media Assure & Scan.

Figure 1


Click On 'Media Assure' as shown in the figure below

Figure 2


Check 'Enable Media Assure' and click 'OK' after specifying the desired criteria.

Note: details of each criteria is listed at the end of the document.

Figure 3

Description of Media Assurance Criteria

Enable Media Assure

Check this option to enable a media assure scan job that will select some sessions to scan randomly. Otherwise, it is a regular scan job.

Scan all data in a session

Select this option to scan all session details.

Scan only session headers for each session

Select this option to scan session headers only and not the session details. This is quicker than scanning all data in a session, however it may be harder to find the problem.

Scan sessions that match the following criteria:

Sessions that were backed up in the last (number) Days:

Specifies the number of days that sessions were backed up to include in the Media Assure operation. The default is 7 days. So, all sessions that were backed up in the last 7 days will be scanned.

Choose session no more than

Limits the number of sessions scanned, because there are too many sessions that can fit a scan condition. The default is 20%. A percent or numerical value can be selected.

Specify the Nodes for which the sessions should be scanned (Using ',' to separate)

Indicates the sessions to scan in the specified nodes. This can be a wildcard match. For example, if you specify the node name ARC*, sessions will be selected from the node name ARC001 and the node name ARC002. If you don't specify any node name, then any session in all nodes may be selected. By default, all sessions in all nodes may be selected.

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