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How to update the Anti Virus signatures in Backup CA ARCserve Backup?

Ca ARCserve Backup Provides the scanning and curing components of the CA Antivirus Virus scan engine to protect the data. It is packaged with CA Antivirus 8.1


CA ARCserve backup provides only the scanning and curing components. It does not provide a full install of CA Antivirus.
The CA Antivirus program can be configured to download updated virus signature files and program modules. These updates are then distributed to the participating applications. When this is complete, CA Antivirus broadcasts a message stating that the update has been completed. Under certain conditions, you must restart the computer to apply the anti-virus protection updates.
AMSSigUpdater.ini is the file you use when downloading updated virus signature files and program modules. This file contains preconfigured settings that specify how and when engine and signature updates are collected from a distribution source. The AMSSigUpdater.ini file typically does not need modifications. However, you can make changes if necessary.

Obtain Virus Signature Updates Using the Job Scheduler Wizard
CA ARCserve Backup Job Scheduler Wizard lets you automate the process of obtaining updates. You can create jobs that execute based on a predefined schedule.

To obtain updates using Job Scheduler Wizard
1. Open the CA ARCserve Backup Manager Console. From the Navigation Bar, expand Utilities and click Job Scheduler. 
    CA ARCserve Backup Job Scheduler Wizard opens.
2. On the Welcome to the Job Scheduler Wizard dialog, click Next.  The Login Page dialog opens.
3. From the Login Page dialog, select the Primary Server Name for which you want to submit the job.  Specify your user name and
    password to log into the CA ARCserve Backup server, and click Next.  The Command dialog opens.
4. From the Command dialog, click Browse. The Open dialog opens.
5. Browse to the following directory: x:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents>\ASAMS\bin
   Select the following executable:    AMSSigUpdater.exe

  'C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\ASAMS\bin\AMSSigUpdater.exe'
   Click Open.
   The Command dialog opens. The Run this Program field is populated with the following path:
6. In the Parameters field, specify the following syntax:
   /cfg <CA\SharedComponents>\ASAMS\bin\AMSSigUpdater.ini
   /cfg AMSSigUpdater.ini

   /cfg 'C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\ASAMS\BIN\AMSSigupdater.ini'
   Click Next.
   The Security dialog opens.
7. On the Security dialog specify your user name and password.
   Click Next.
   The Schedule dialog opens.
8. On the Schedule dialog, select one of the following options:
Run Now--Lets you execute the job immediately.
Schedule--Lets you execute the job at a specific date and time, or schedule the job to repeat. If you want the job to repeat, select a Repeat Method and then specify the associated repeat criteria.
   Click Next.
   The Summary dialog opens.
9. On the Summary dialog, ensure that the job is configured to your requirements.
    In the Description field, specify a description for the job.
Note: The description specified appears in the Description column in the Job Queue.
10. Click Submit.
The job is submitted. CA ARCserve Backup obtains CA Virus Signature Updates when the job runs.
For more infomation please refer to CA ARCserve Backup Agent admin guide.

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