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arcserve-KB : Enable debugging of various arcserve components via command line

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:03:02 UTC

Enable debugging of various ARCserve components via command line

For advanced troubleshooting CA support may request for certain components to be put in debug mode in order to identify problem cause for any recurring issue. Many components can be put in debug via registry editor by following instructions provided by support personnel.

An alternative to using registry editor to enable debugs is the command line utility DBGTOOL

*From the ARCserve directory, type dbgtool and hit enter


* On the next screen type 1 to ‘Change debug settings’ and hit Enter key


* This screen shows all the components for which debugging can be enabled using this utility:


Note: along with the component name the screen also shows the output files for the debug/trace.


* As an example, if you want to enable ‘Trace Job Script’ then type 8 and hit Enter, then type E to enable


 *Once completed you can exit out of the utility by choosing the appropriate option shown on screen


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