arcserve-KB : How to Create an arcserve Cloud Connection in the Amazon cloud using Cloud Connection Configuration.

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Title:  How to Create an ARCserve Cloud Connection in the Amazon cloud using Cloud Connection Configuration.


A cloud connection is a user-defined configuration that contains the information that CA ARCserve Backup needs to communicate with the specified cloud vendor. Amazon, in the case of this document. The cloud connection helps ensure that your backup data is stored under the account that you created with the cloud vendor. Configuring cloud connections enables you to access a cloud storage service through applications that are on the current server. For example, on CA ARCserve Backup you would only specify the cloud connection name when creating one cloud-based device. By providing this, all cloud related items will be transparent for CA ARCserve Backup users.


  1. Open the CA ARCserve Backup Manager Console.

    From the Navigation Bar, expand Administration and click Device Manager.
    The Device Manager window opens.
  2. From the Servers directory tree, locate the server you want to configure.

    Launch Cloud Connection Configuration by selecting Manage Cloud Connection from the toolbar

    Figure 1

    Note: You can also select Manage Cloud Connection by right-clicking the specific server in the Servers directory tree and select Manage Cloud Connections or click the Manage Cloud Connection link in the Servers details section.

    Figure 2

    The Cloud Connection Configuration dialog appears.

    Figure 3
  3. Click the desired cloud vendor and click Add. Amazon, in the case of this document.

    The Add Connection dialog appears.

    Figure 4
  4. Complete the required fields on the Add Connection dialog.
    1. Enter the connection name.
    2. Add the Access key id. Get the key from access keys - Under access credentials under security credentials in aws account in Amazon s3 in Amazon web services on
    3. Add the Secret Access key id. You should find it in the same place as the Access key.
    4. The Use Domain Security Information option needs to be completed only if your computer runs off a domain proxy server.
    5. You should see your bucket names from under the s3 tab in the aws management console on They should display next to the bucket name drop down list under Advanced.

      When you have entered your correct Access key id, Secret Access key id and domain information (if needed). The correct Bucket Region should display as well.

Now, the cloud connection should be configured.

To view a video on how to configure cloud connection with ARCserve Backup, please click here.

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