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Title:  Remote Disaster Recovery through Firewall


ARCserve backup server should recover a machine located in a DMZ through DRO.

I want to open only the ports required to complete the recovery.


The only mandatory port to be opened in the firewall during recovery is the Tape engine service port which defaults to 6502. No other port.

However this means the remote box has been moved there at the time of recovery while it was backed up outside the DMZ otherwise other specific ports like the agent ones are required at backup time.

This could also trigger the need to add or modify the address (it depends on what customer changed) or just modify the hosts file to allow name resolution if DNS is not reachable from the DMZ.

You can enter the DOS prompt during recovery through the Utilities option in the DR Wizard and perform the steps outlines below.

Note: For Windows XP / 2003 / 2008 you can configure IP address on disaster recovery wizard.

Execute the windows command netsh to add an address to the NIC.

  1. Modify the following files by adding Server IP address and the Server name:

    Microsoft Windows XP/ 2003/ 2008(R2)

  2. Go to the following directories of the respective platforms and execute drw command to start the usual restore process:

    Microsoft Windows XP/ 2003/ 2008(R2)

    This establishes the connection with the Tape Engine

Finally in the case the box did not move but customer restores to a different one please do not forget that ARCserve DRO is not officially supported to perform recovery whatever alternate hardware.

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