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Title:  How to install CA ARCserve Backup on a Windows 2008 Server Core.


This document aims in assisting users in installing CA ARCserve Backup R.16.0 on a Windows 2008 Server Core.


Pre-requisites for setup:

  1. Make sure that the following ports are open before installing CA ARCserve backup on a Windows 2008 Core server.

    Port Number Protocol Usage
    445 TCP Microsoft RPC Services
    6050 TCP and UDP NTAgent - Backup Server Communication

    You can achieve this by executing the following commands on the Windows 2008 Core Server

    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name='MS_RPC' protocol=tcp localport=445 dir=in action=allow

    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name='NTAgent_UDP' protocol=udp localport=6050 dir=in action=allow

    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name='NTAgent_TCP' protocol=tcp localport=6050 dir=in action=allow

  2. By default Windows 2008 Sever Core disables the incoming ICMP packets, so you would not be able to ping the Core Server from any remote machine. You can enable ping replies by executing the following command

    netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8

Installation Procedure:

Installation can be executed by 3 different methods

  1. Local Install
  2. Remote Install
  3. Silent Install

Local Install

Insert the DVD and run the setup by executing setup.exe from the command prompt and follow the instructions.

Figure 1

Remote Install

  1. Can be triggered from any remote machine which is connected to the Windows 2008 Core Server.
  2. Insert the DVD on the remote machine and run the installation wizard, select Remote Install and add the 2008 core server and continue with the installation

    Figure 2

Silent Install

  1. The ICF (response) file can't be created on the 2008 core server, so run the silent install on any other machine to generate setup.icf.
  2. The ICF file should reside in a location accessible by the 2008 core server.
  3. On the core server, start the silent installation by executing the mastersetup.exe with the following switches. Mastersetup.exe is located in the Install folder on the DVD drive.

    Figure 3

    In the above given example,
/d - Displays the installation window
wincore - Name of the Windows 2008 Server Core
admin - User Account
pass@123 - Password
\\SRV\C$\setup.icf - Location of the response file

Post Installation tasks:

You can confirm the installation of the Client Agent and the Open file Agent on the Windows 2008 Server by executing the following commands

  • wmic product get name

    This command lists out all the products installed on the machine.
  • sc query type= service

    This command lists out all the services running on the machine. We can find that the CA Universal Agent Service and CA Discovery Service listed in the results.
  • sc query type= driver

    This command lists out all the drivers loaded in the server. The OFADriver is listed in the results.

Launch Backup Agent Admin

The client agent admin can be launched by executing admin.exe from the installation directory. By default it is installed in the following location

C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\ARCserve Backup\UniAgent\

Figure 4

Figure 5

Launch the Open File Agent Console

Open File agent console is launched by executing ofawin.exe from the installation directory. By default it is installed on the following location

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\ARCserve Backup Agent for Open Files\

Figure 6

Figure 7

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