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Title:  How to run a Dump Test on Netapp filer

When troubleshooting Netapp Nas backup issues, it might be needed to do a Dump test that sends file system data from Nas volumes directly to the tape devices connected to it.

When doing NDMP backups, this DUMP command is invoked internally to send data from Volumes to the tape devices connected locally or over the SAN.

You can backup an entire or partial volume using this Dump command.

There are a few things that need to be considered when doing backup using DUMP command:

  1. Determine the Size of volume to be backed up.
    From the console or telnet session to the filer(telnet <ip address of filer>), 
    root>df -h path_name 
    e.g:- root>df -h /vol/vol1 (This will return size of the volume /vol/vol1) 
  2. Estimating number of tapes to backup that volume.

    If the volume is 1 TB is size and you are using LTO4 drives, you would need 2 tapes.

    A simple Dump command:

    dump 0f nrst0a /vol/vol1
    0 - indicates Full backup.
    f - indicates that backup will happen to a tape device specified.
    nrst0 - indicates a No-Rewind Sequential Tape device 0.
            (First tape drive. If you want to do it on second tape drive, use nrst1)
    a - indicates level of compression as the highest.
    /vol/vol1 - indicates the source volume to be backed.
    (To determine the number of drives connected to the NAS type : Sysconfig -t )
    This would dump all data in file system /vol/vol1 to a tape in tape drive0(or the first tape drive)
    Location of the dump log: /etc/log/backup
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