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arcserve-KB : HBBU : The snapshot of the virtual machine cannot be deleted at this time

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:44:36 UTC

Error Message:

The snapshot of the virtual machine cannot be deleted at this time; it will be deleted the next time a backup job runs


The above warning message is received at the end of the ARCserve Central Host Based backup job indicating that the snapshot of the virtual machine could not be deleted at that point of time and the snapshot would be deleted when the next backup job runs.


In some scenarios ARCserve Central Host Based VM Backup job might be unable to delete the snapshot which was created by the job, to troubleshoot this problem please perform the following: 

  1. Let the next scheduled backup job run and see if the snapshot is deleted.
  2. Launch the Snapshot Manager for the Virtual Machine and try to manual delete the snapshot, for more information on how to delete the snapshot refer the below VMware document:


  1. If the snapshot is not deleted by step 1 & 2 , review the Virtual Machine Events which would provide more detailed message about the possible cause. For more information on how to View Virtual Machine Events refer the below VMware document:


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