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Last Update: 2015-09-01 05:45:35 UTC

Issues addressed for Virtual Stand-by:

RO66936 adds support for VMware SAS controller type for Virtual Standby

Without RO66936, the standby VM to VMware could not be started successfully. This problem is observed for D2D clients with source system disk bus type as SAS or HBBU clients with system disk having LSI Logic SAS disk controller.

Following are the solutions to resolve the problem

- For an existing Standby VM, from the VI client modify the SCSI controller type from LSI Logic Parallel to LSI Logic SAS and then power ON

- Create a new standby VM after installing the RO66936 which solves the problem automatically

For Local virtual standby of standalone clients the patch need to be applied on the Source D2D machine and for HBBU clients the patch need to be applied on HBBU proxy server

For remote virtual standby the patch need to be applied on the converter server

Issues addressed for Host Based VM Backup:

  1. Copy Recovery point job of two different Host Based VM's might fail  when the jobs are running in parallel and both VM's have same label for the striped volume
  2. Backup fails to browse volumes when CBT gets corrupted from VMware

RO66936 adds support to VIX 1.12.1 with below registry changes on Host Based VM Proxy

  1. Add new key 'vixversion' Under \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CA\CA ARCserve D2D  
  2. Add new string under “vixversion” with
  1. Value name = 'version'
  2. Value data = 'Workstation-9.0.0-and-vSphere-5.1.0'
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