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Last Update: 2016-04-21 10:54:37 UTC


The CA ARCserve Central Applications Virtual Standby FCG template can be used in the following scenarios. 

  1. While creating an email ticket
  2. Also when the CA Support Engineer request for FCG.




Problem Description:

Exact Error or Warning Message (with time stamp):


VS - Virtual Standby

Central VS Server name:                                 < Update if this is Physical or Virtual Machine>  
Version/ Build/ Update of the Central VS Server:
Operating System (OS)Version with Service Pack (x86 or x64):
Is it a Local or Remote Virtual Standy Policy     :


Local Virtual Standby Policy

Virtual Standy Destination (Vmware or Hyper-V) :
Version/build of VMware or Hyper-V                     : 
If VMware, Monitor Server name                           :
Monitor Server name, OS version with Service Pack      :
Is the Monitor Server used as Proxy for data transfer :
Details about Standby VM destination on the Hypervisor: < Is it a SAN LUN/NAS/ iSCSI target >


Remote Virtual Standy Policy

Virtual Standy Destination (VMware of Hyper-V)   :
Version/build of VMware of Hyper-V                      :
Details about Standby VM destination on the Hypervisor: < Is it a SAN LUN/NAS/ iSCSI target >
RHA Master Server name/ RHA version/ OS details :
RHA Replica Server name/RHA version /OS details :
Convertor Server OS version with Service Pack       :
(usually the RHA Replica node will be the convertor) :

Source Node Details:

Is the source the following:

  • Standaolone D2D
  • Managed by Central Protection Manager
  • Central HBBU node
  • Imported from CA ARCserve Replication (in the case of Remote Virtual Standby)

Backup Destination make and model (SAN / NAS/ iSCSI)     :
Operating System Version with Service Pack (x86 or x64)    :  
Version of Exchange / SQL or any other application               :


Other Information:

Was a pause and resume of the coversion job attempted on the problem node:
At which stage is the conversion job failing (creating standby VM/uploading metadata/creating snapshot/creating bootable snapshot)

Anti-Virus Software and its Version:
Are CA folders and sub folders excluded from the Anti-virus:

Has this ever worked before                      : If Yes, then any changes done
Self- Troubleshooting done                        : If Yes, what steps were done

Is the Environment is Under Production\Testing:
Criticality of Business Impact:
Preferred Callback Hours:
Alternate contact number:
Contact Person name:

Logs Requested:

1)  X:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\Logs folder zipped from the Source, Monitor and Convertor (in case of Remote Virtual Standby)
2)  System Information File - Run MSINFO32 from Start->Run->Save the file in .NFO format.
3) Directory Listing of the Backup Destination Drive.
4) Directory Listing of the Virtual Standby Destination

More Information:

Remote virtual standby is applicable only for version 16.5.














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