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arcserve-KB : arcserve Central Virtual Standby FCG (First Call Guidelines) template

Last Update: 2016-04-21 10:54:37 UTC


The CA ARCserve Central Applications Virtual Standby FCG template can be used in the following scenarios. 

  1. While creating an email ticket support@arcserve.zendesk.com
  2. Also when the CA Support Engineer request for FCG.




Problem Description:

Exact Error or Warning Message (with time stamp):


VS - Virtual Standby

Central VS Server name:                                 < Update if this is Physical or Virtual Machine>  
Version/ Build/ Update of the Central VS Server:
Operating System (OS)Version with Service Pack (x86 or x64):
Is it a Local or Remote Virtual Standy Policy     :


Local Virtual Standby Policy

Virtual Standy Destination (Vmware or Hyper-V) :
Version/build of VMware or Hyper-V                     : 
If VMware, Monitor Server name                           :
Monitor Server name, OS version with Service Pack      :
Is the Monitor Server used as Proxy for data transfer :
Details about Standby VM destination on the Hypervisor: < Is it a SAN LUN/NAS/ iSCSI target >


Remote Virtual Standy Policy

Virtual Standy Destination (VMware of Hyper-V)   :
Version/build of VMware of Hyper-V                      :
Details about Standby VM destination on the Hypervisor: < Is it a SAN LUN/NAS/ iSCSI target >
RHA Master Server name/ RHA version/ OS details :
RHA Replica Server name/RHA version /OS details :
Convertor Server OS version with Service Pack       :
(usually the RHA Replica node will be the convertor) :

Source Node Details:

Is the source the following:

  • Standaolone D2D
  • Managed by Central Protection Manager
  • Central HBBU node
  • Imported from CA ARCserve Replication (in the case of Remote Virtual Standby)

Backup Destination make and model (SAN / NAS/ iSCSI)     :
Operating System Version with Service Pack (x86 or x64)    :  
Version of Exchange / SQL or any other application               :


Other Information:

Was a pause and resume of the coversion job attempted on the problem node:
At which stage is the conversion job failing (creating standby VM/uploading metadata/creating snapshot/creating bootable snapshot)

Anti-Virus Software and its Version:
Are CA folders and sub folders excluded from the Anti-virus:

Has this ever worked before                      : If Yes, then any changes done
Self- Troubleshooting done                        : If Yes, what steps were done

Is the Environment is Under Production\Testing:
Criticality of Business Impact:
Preferred Callback Hours:
Alternate contact number:
Contact Person name:

Logs Requested:

1)  X:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\Logs folder zipped from the Source, Monitor and Convertor (in case of Remote Virtual Standby)
2)  System Information File - Run MSINFO32 from Start->Run->Save the file in .NFO format.
3) Directory Listing of the Backup Destination Drive.
4) Directory Listing of the Virtual Standby Destination

More Information:

Remote virtual standby is applicable only for version 16.5.














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