arcserve-KB : Central Virtual Standby - possible scenarios and considerations

Last Update: 2016-11-23 16:49:17 UTC


Central Virtual Standby  - possible scenarios and considerations are provided below.


Virtual Standby Source:

Virtual Standby Source can be the following:-

  • Standalone physical D2D node
  • D2D running in  ESX VM, Hyper-v VM
  • VM protected using HBBU

Virtual Standby Destination:

For the above combinations the virtual standby destination can be one of  the following:

  • VMware ESX server
  • Microsoft Hyper-v server


Following are the limitations to be considered:

  • The source cannot be a server with Hyper-v role enabled
  • Virtual Standby source and monitor cannot be the same server
  • HBBU proxy and monitor cannot be the same for HBBU VMs

 More Information:

Compatibility Matrix - Central Applications R16.5

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