arcserve-KB : Host Based VM Backup policy: Resync policy failed. Failed to connect to proxy.

Last Update: 2016-11-23 15:40:01 UTC

Error Message:

Deploying Policy 'PolicyName' for node 'Node FQDN address', resync policy failed. (Failed to connect to proxy 'HBBUProxyServerName')


When try to deploy policy which is already created in HBBU you receive the above error message.
Also, when you are creating new policy you will receive the timeout error message as per below screenshot.

In ARCAPP.LOG you will see the below entry:
2013-07-15 17:53:49,569 PolicyDeployment.TaskAssignerThread [INFO]    Begin assigning policy deployment tasks.
2013-07-15 17:53:49,569 PolicyDeployment.TaskAssignerThread [INFO]    Complete assigning policy deployment tasks, wait for tasks completed.
2013-07-15 17:56:50,131 pool-1-thread-4 [ERROR] Failed to connect to proxy '' Failed to login to D2D

Note: You will be able to login to D2D application without any issues. Just policy will not connect to local HBBU Proxy server.


This generally happens when HBBU Proxy server name will not resolve with IPv4 address.
If you ping the server name it will display IPv6 address.
So to receive the correct IP address when you ping the HBBU Proxy server, please update the host file of the proxy server as below.

Open and add the details in the windows host file (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\) as mentioned in the below example:
IPaddress Hostname (Of HBBU Proxy Server)
IPaddress FQDN (Of HBBU Proxy Server)

Save the host file, restart the CA Services and then re-open the HBBU console to re-deploy policy. It should work this time. It will also allow you to create new policy.




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