arcserve-KB : Setup is unable to connect to the Central Protection Manager database

Last Update: 2016-11-23 16:49:38 UTC


'Setup is unable to connect to the Central Protection Manager database.Verify that the database is running,
or reconfigure the connection using database configuration'


Log into Central Protection Manager and check the logs.

If log reports CA ARCserve Communication Service is not running on D2D Main Server.

Log on to the Central Protection Server and  start the CA ARCserve communication service.

If this does not work, then try the following steps :

-From the CA ARCserve Central Application server, ping the nodes using the host name.
-From the nodes that you want to protect, ping the CA ARCserve Central Application server using the host name of the server.
-Check to see that windows firewall for outgoing traffic on servers have ports 8014 open.
-Check on the Update versions of Central Protection  manager . It should be of the latest version .
-Confirm if the following Database services are running on the Central Application Server
-Navigate > Start > Run > Services.msc >  SQL Server ARCSERVE_APP
 This is the main database service which should be running.
-Add the the administrator account with 'sysadmin' role for the ARCSERVE_APP instance in SQL Management Studio.

-Re-enter the Administrator credentials in the Central Protection Manager Console.

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