arcserve-KB : Central Protection Manager status not updated when D2D backup crash

Last Update: 2016-11-23 15:30:53 UTC


When D2D job is crashed, status in Arcserve Protection Manager still show last status, i.e. sucessfull backup.
Arcserve Central Report does not show up server in email or send email about crashed job for this server.


Windows 2008 / R2

Central Protection Manager r16.0 U6
Central Reporting r16.0 U6
CA ARCserve D2D r16.0 U6


Arcserve D2D will not have any chance to write the BackupInfo.xml file to the backup Destination while system shutdown or any other problem crash the server.

The local job status will be reset but backupinfo.xml file is not written.

This is the reason why Central Protection Manager has no status from crashed machine and Central Reporting is missing the machine in its email chain.
As Central Protection Manager depends on backupinfo.xml file to report the correct status you probably have to to delete the old one from Backup Destination of that particular machine.  It will be recreated when next job run.

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