arcserve-KB : How to create a Recovery Database before performing an Exchange 2010 Database restore from arcserve D2D and arcserve Central Host-Based VM Backup?

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A recovery database is a special kind of mailbox database, to mount a restored mailbox database and extract data from the restored database as part of a recovery operation. After the recovery database is created, CA ARCserve D2D and CA ARCserve Central Host-Based VM Backup can be used to restore a Mailbox database to this Recovery Database.

Products which this document is applicable to:

CA ARCserve D2D r15.0, r16.0

CA ARCserve D2D On Demand r16.0

CA ARCserve Central Host-Based VM Backup r16.0

Version of Exchange: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010


1) Launch the Exchange Management Shell.

2) Run the cmdlet New-MailboxDatabase with the parameter 'Recovery' to create a new Recovery Database.


a. Below example creates the recovery database RDB1 on the Mailbox server MBX2.

New-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name RDB1 -Server MBX2

b. Below example creates the recovery database RDB2 on the Mailbox server MBX1 using a custom path for the database file and log folder.

New-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name RDB2 -Server MBX1 -EdbFilePath 'C:\RDB2\RDB2.EDB' -LogFolderPath 'C:\RDB2\'

3) For detailed steps on how to restore an Exchange Database using ARCserve D2D and ARCserve Central Host-Based VM Backup refer the following section of the user guide:

More information:

For More information related to Recovery Database and the cmdlet New-MailboxDatabase refer the following Technet Articles:

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