arcserve-KB : How arcserve Virtual Standby Works

Last Update: 2016-11-23 16:19:18 UTC


How CA ARCserve Central Virtual Stand by Works.

Please refer the following diagram:

Virtual Standby lets you protect the CA ARCserve D2D source servers functioning in your environment by doing the following:

  1. Convert CA ARCserve D2D recovery points that are stored on the CA ARCserve D2D destination devices to VMware Virtual Disk (VMDK) or Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) formats based on a schedule.
  2. Copy the converted data to a hypervisor system.
  3. Create recovery point snapshots from the virtual machine VMDK or VHD data.
  4. Monitor the health of the source server.
  5. Power on virtual machines automatically from the recovery point snapshots upon detection of an emergency.

 Note: Virtual Standby can be configured to power on recovery point snapshots automatically or manually when a problem occurs.

 Recover the data from the virtual machine to the source server, after you correct the problems on the source server.

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