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arcserve-KB : Unable to see the tabs in Central Protection Manager Navigation bar

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:34:13 UTC


Unable to see the tabs in Central Protection Manager Navigation bar

Environment Details:

Product  : CA ARCserve Central Protection Manager
Version  : 16.5.843

Operating system : windows 2008 r2 standard sp1 build 7601 x64 bit
Virtual machine , vmware virtual Platform


By default it should show up the tabs of the product which is installed on the machine.

- We can manually Add new tab

- Provide the product name of the new tab
- Provide url path
- Provide Icon Url path for the product and click ok.

If the product is installed on the same machine and not showing up the tab

* Access the following path
x:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve Central Applications\Configuration
and rename Components

- Restart CA ARCserve Central Application Service
- A new components.xml file should be generated with the entries of the product information for the navigation tabs.

If still  having this issue please contact CA Technical Support for further analysis.


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