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arcserve-KB : How to deploy arcserve D2D remotely via arcserve Protection manager.

Last Update: 2016-11-23 16:49:24 UTC


CA ARCserve protection manager, lets us deploy CA ARCserve D2d remotely to any server we need to Protect.


Below are Steps, Items in blue are the instructions.

Add a node by clicking on Add and then choose the option of your choice to add a machine, we used add node by IP/Name, we can add the node here and click on D2d deployment or we can go to D2d deployment and then click on ADD.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Click on D2d deployment to begin the remote deployment of the CA ARCserve D2d on the nodes.

Figure 3

Figure 4

Scroll down, while reading the agreement and then once at the end click on I accept the terms of the license agreement and then click on Next. You can also check the box, 'do not show this license agreement' again if you are going to repeat the process of deployment without reading the agreement.

Figure 5

Select the node/nodes on which you want to deploy ARCserve D2d and then on the right screen we can view the node information, If needed please click on edit to update the node information.

Figure 6

Deployment status shows the different phases of deployment like connected, copied image, installing, rebooting and complete. Under the status column it shows the current phase.

Figure 7

After the installation is done, setup reboots the server automatically to register the D2d driver. We can see the command prompt as it starts rebooting.

Figure 8

We can see the ping request is timing out.

Figure 9

Figure 10

Deployment for node VM8797 was successful and we can now either close or add another node to go through the deployment process.

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