arcserve-KB : How to Import Virtual Machines from vCenter/ESX?

Last Update: 2016-11-23 17:15:04 UTC


You can also add nodes using the Import virtual machines from vCenter/ESX Server option. This option discovers all the virtual machines running on the specified host, but does not perform periodic automatic scans. If you add virtual machines later, repeat this procedure or the new virtual machines are not recognized.

Consider the following distinctions between this option and the Auto Discovery option:


To import virtual machines from vCenter/ESX servers

  1. From the Node category, click Add. 
  2. Click Import virtual machines from vCenter/ESX. 

    The Discover Nodes dialog opens.
  3. Complete the following fields on the Discover Nodes dialog:
    1. vCenter/ESX Host

      Note: As a best practice, specify the host name of the vCenter Server system when you are running VMware Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) in your environment. This approach helps ensure that CA ARCserve Central Host-Based VM Backup can detect the virtual machines running in your environment and backups of DRS enabled virtual machines complete successfully. For more information about Distributed Resource Scheduling, see the VMware website.
    2. User Name
    3. Password
    4. Port
    5. Protocol

      Click Connect.
  4. Wait until scanning is complete.
  5. If you want, enable the option, Add vCenter/ESX server to Auto Discovery list automatically
  6. Click Next.
  7. On the Node Credentials screen, provide a global User Name and Password for all virtual machines detected and click the Apply to selected option. Or, click a VM to enter specific credentials.
  8. Click Finish.

The virtual machines you selected are added to the Node Group you specified.

Note: CA ARCserve Central Host-Based VM Backup is unable to detect the host names of virtual machines that are in a powered off state or VMware Tools is not installed. Under these conditions, Unknown displays in the Host Name field on the Node screen after you import the nodes. In addition, the Node Filter (on the Node screen) cannot detect nodes that are named using Unknown.

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