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Title:  CA ARCserve Central App Host Based VM Backup Q and A v1.0


This document contain a few Q&A 's about CA ARCserve Host based VM Backup using a single ESX Server environment.

The following is based on tests with a Win 2008 R2 VM and a Win 2003 VM (D2DProxy) on the same ESXi 4.1; backing up to a network share.


Question 1 . If Central App & D2D Proxy are separate machines, where is the VIX component required?

Answer 1. Yes.

On the D2D proxy.

Question 2. Can the Central HBVB manager machine (2008 R2) be a VM on the same ESX where VMs need protection?

Answer 2. Yes

Question 3. Can the D2D Proxy machine be a VM and protect other VMs on the same ESX?

Answer 3. Yes.

You should then see transport mode 'hotadd'. Keep in mind: for large environments or where ESX I/O resources are critical, it is recommended to have a physical D2D Proxy with direct LUN access to the VMware Datastore(s). You should then see transport mode 'SAN'. It is also recommended to have separate I/O paths to the backup target disk. This backup target could be local to the physical proxy.

Question 4. Can such a virtual Central HBVB machine deploy a policy to protect itself?

Answer 4. Yes.

Question 5. Can such a virtual D2D Proxy machine also protect itself?

Answer 5. Yes

But it uses transport mode NBD/SSL rather than 'hotadd' (see above). NBD stands for Network Block Device using the Network File Copy (NFC) communication protocol.

Question 6. Is the Central HBVB machine required during the backup jobs?

Answer 6. Partly Yes

It is only required to discover new VMs and manage & deploy the policy to the D2D proxy. After that, it is the D2D proxy that does all the work.

So the Central Host Based VM Backup machine can even be switched off - scheduled backups will still run on the D2D Proxy.

Backup job will finally get failed after 24 hours because of no license.
The proxy needs connect to Central for license checking. It has a cache, in case of Central is not reachable sometimes, which will be expire after 24 hours.

For manual / ad-hoc backups the administrator should bookmark the individual D2D links - they have format http://proxymachine:8014/index.html?location=vsphere?vname=...&instanceuuid =... - having these links allows to also start manual backups or control the scheduled backups while the Central HBVB might be offline.

Question 7. Can the same proxy accept policies by 2 different Central Host Based VM Backup managers?

Answer 7. No

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