arcserve-KB : Unable to perform Granular Restore of Files/Folder, MS SQL/Exchange Application Data & BMR post r16.5 Update 2.

Last Update: 2016-11-23 17:05:15 UTC


Recovery Points created after the installation of r16.5 Update 2 cannot be used to perform the following types of restores:

  • File/Folder Granular Restore
  • Microsoft SQL and Exchange Databases
  • Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)

Backup jobs would complete with the following warning messages:

Activity log

2014/07/15  03:01:15 -   Warning: Job00007F65 - Could not get volume  information from virtual machine Guest OS.

2014/07/15  03:01:15 -   Warning: Job00007F65 - Warning: This backup  session cannot be used for application level restore. For virtual machines  running client versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems (XP, Vista,  7, 8), VMware snapshot technology does not generate application meta-datarequired to perform application-level restores. If you require  application-level restores and are running the client versions of Microsoft  Windows operating systems listed, perform a local CA ARCserve D2D backup.

2014/07/15  03:03:27 -   Warning: Job00007F65 - Collect Bare Metal Recovery  information failed, this recovery point cannot be used to do Bare Metal Recovery.

Backups prior to the installation of Update 2 for r16.5 would complete successfully without any warnings or errors and can be used to perform Granular Restores.

  • This problem is only applicable if the VMware Guest VM's are being protected by ARCserve Central Host Based VM Backup.
  • Entire Virtual Machine can still be restored using the Recover VM restore method.
  • This problem could happen if an older version of Vmware VIX is installed in the D2D Proxy Node.
  • Please install VMware VIX 1.13 in the D2D Proxy node as it is one of prerequisite for Update 2.

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